jarka kavinova-cole

early patch by jarka c.1972-75

artist, designer and collector jarka cole grew up in Czechoslovakia under fashion-starved communist rule. as a child she made her own jeans jacket, replete with handmade patches, imitations of ones seen in counter-cultural publications.  at fourteen, on a school trip to the USSR, this budding clothes trader came back with more money than she left with.


She gained asylum in Vienna in the mid eighties, and moved to the USA in 2001.

2013-4 winter flea market

the flea market moves indoors to a new Williamsburg location.  Please come visit us at 80 north 5th street, at wythe avenue. we are open 10-7 every weekend until Spring.

Happy New Year 2013

this year for our annual holiday card, we got inspired by Electric Holiday at Barneys, New York. charlie's hat comes from their gift shop, while we made our own sets of ears.

Please vote for Obama! He is what is right for our country! happy voting!- charlie and the family

cowboy and cowgirl spotted in Greenpoint

after Hurricane Sandy, we were very lucky to be able to still go trick or treating. This big hat brought many smiles to people's faces after the sobering and dramatic effects of the storm. for more pictures, click on charlie's adventures.

pumpkin patch the evening of Hurricane Sandy.

(clearly we have no idea of what was to come.)

Happy Halloween!

you can see how much I love Chanel.

our jewelry display before the carousel in DUMBO

and under the Brooklyn Bridge

a rendez-vous with Hermes craftsmen

At the Hermes factory, there are 2000 workers in the bag section.  77% of them are female.  It takes one year to learn to make the bag.  Each bag requires 18 hours of work by a single craftsperson from the beginning to the end.

Hermes Orange

how to print a silk scarf

Charlie and Kemel Hamadou, Director of Responsible Communication at Hermes

vintage for dolls

at one estate sale we found a lot of cute, tiny vintage doll clothes.  we bought some of the pieces. Charlie and I love monster high dolls, so we played around and mixed new dolls with vintage clothing. this is my personal favorite image, styled and taken by charlie. If you would like to see more, click on her link.

the little black jacket

here is some of my favorite styling from the exhibition

vanessa paradis-that's how I would wear it most often, over a victorian dress
this reminds me of brigitte bardot in her summer movies
I love the idea of the cut out jacket
I am pleased to see chanel wearing more than her own jewelry, here my absolute favorite design, the love bracelet from cartier

sweet shorts made from vintage pants, finished with cotton vintage lace. each one is original. we have more styles at the flea market and they are 55 each.          

Playa del Carmen. After seven years we still can't get enough.

reaching for clouds in cozumel
upside down
and more color
this is a hamburger stand. what does it mean?

I just love love these duffel bags.  they are the perfect size for a weekend trip or a full day excursion to the beach.  the only problem is how to choose from among the many.  After I finally decided to buy one, I came home with four of them.

yes, it's a fully functional restaurant kitchen.

happy new year from new york city

I am not a big fan of photographs of shop windows, but this picture I took after an afternoon ice skating in Bryant Park fulfills so many elements of how ny feels to me. In this reflected space I see power, beauty, money, greed, patriotism and high energy, so I could not resist.

why I love christmas in greenpoint

#1: the acme smoked fish corp
the best smoked salmon I ever had is right here, open to the public every friday
before christmas, santa costumes add to the festive feeling
#2: baked goods at cafe riviera
pre-order to avoid the long lines. cash only.
I don't miss my grandmother's cooking when I come here
my personal favorite, the tradtional poppy seed roll
#3:w-nassau meat market on manhattan avenue
though I am not a big meat consumer, I waited for an hour to choose from among dozens of styles of cold cuts and kielbasy
I don't need to go back to europe for my favorites, blood sausage and liverwurst

merry christmas and happy holidays from the cole family

see you in fort greene april 2012

magic ponies

Fall came and went

end of September flea market, we still have hot days, with busy shoppers. more new snapshots in Flea Style

California wedding

I was very sorry to miss Fashion Night Out and the weekend's flea market, but we were invited to a wedding in San Francisco. there were definitely moments that made up for it on the very end of a jetty in view of the Golden Gate Bridge, with a wind strongly blowing that made for wonderful pictures.

I like the bohemian style with 70's feel.
here I love the sophisticated mix of vintage and new
here is the beautiful bride, in a buttery white silk 1920's gown. note the flowers in her hair, without a veil

beautiful days

finally after the Irene panic and rainy weekend, we got some really beautiful days, that I used to dry my laundry in the sun, which I prefer (used the dryer last year only twice).  I was very pleased when my daughter, still on holiday break, did the same thing with some colorful vintage Barbie clothes.

my grandparents' barn

the latest Louis Vuitton advertisement. just kidding.


I was amazed to find this bag on a pile of handwoven baskets, which I remember my grandfather making. this bag was used to transport kittens by the mailman.  (can you believe it?).  it's still part of the neighborly help in Eastern Europe. I almost got the bag, but the owner of the kittens wanted it back.


why it struck me is that it looked so beautiful and natural. I am getting really tired of those supermodels in ads for the top accessory designers holding their bags in front of their bellies or faces.

well-organized wire.

still life of a working needs, plus a bottle of spirits.

on the water

on our way to Vermont, we spent a few days on the beach in Connecticut. In looking at the pictures, I see that I compose photographs by color.  In these, there's a bit of yellow in a field of blue, and that makes them a coherent collection.

lobster shack
lobster pots
some lobsters

pot scrubber dress

I was recently cleaning up my photo albums, and came across this picture.  I made this dress two years ago in the Czech Republic, when I had access to unfinished scrubbing pads.  I spent a week sewing the tubes together by hand into a dress. I find this picture happy and positive, that's why I share it with you.

southern california living

we recently visited family in california.  I had almost forgotten how it feels to be there, and share a few images with you of how relaxing and beautiful it is.

different ways to wear a hermes bag

customized with beads, charms and stickers

Jane Birkin's Hermes Birkin bag, signed & used

First released in 1984 and created for Jane Birkin by Jean-Louis Dumas, President of Hermes at the time, the Birkin bag is still to this day one of the most iconic fashion items, and practically impossible to get. In order to help the victims of the recent disasters in Japan, Jane Birkin very kind-heartedly donated her own Birkin bag, given to her by Jean-Louis Dumas himself. The bag is signed by Jane at the bottom and on the inside pocket and has been customised by her.

the winning bid
jeans fabric tassels and beads looks great with her bohemian style
bright and beloved, worn very simply
customized by local brooklyn artist
printing the bag's image on a canvas shopper is funny and surprising

hey, we are sure there are thousands of iterations of this theme, but this is what we collected over a weekend.

flea market april 9-10, 2011

our jewelry in fort greene
evil girl in fort greene
jewelry in w'burg
dinosaur necklaces, $15 each

getting ready for the vintage show

my favorite colors, from white to beige and blush. I tried really hard to avoid black, but sometimes could not help it.

the manhattan vintage show and sale, April 29th and 30th, 2011

here we are again, at the brink of the manhattan vintage show.  for newcomers, it will be a whirlwind of longing and desire; for the initiated, another chance at more great finds from the dealers at the front lines.  visit the website, use the coupon, and come see us at the show, booth 75. we will be premiering vintage mexican tops from our recent travels, just in time for the summer heat.

the booth at the manhattan vintage show, February 4 & 5, 2011

some of jarka's favorite colors

we were happy to lend three pieces to the exhibition at the entrance to the latest Manhattan Vintage Show.

vintage show October 2010

vintage show, october 2010

rosette top

here silk pouches are wedded to a fully adjustable brassiere structure, lined and backed in silk. $220-

fitted jeans biker jacket with Western scene

sewn from deconstructed levi's jeans and tapestry

unlined, with two interior jeans pockets

heavy brass zipper, 6" zippers on sleeves

placket backed in vintage piping

about size 8

one of a kind,  $450-

fitted jeans biker jacket with bullfighter

sewn from deconstructed levi's jeans and tapestry

unlined, with two interior jeans pockets

heavy brass zipper, 6" zippers on sleeves

placket backed in vintage piping

about size 8

one of a kind,  $450-


fitted jeans biker jacket with peacock

sewn from deconstructed levi's jeans and tapestry

unlined, with two interior jeans pockets

heavy brass zipper, 6" zippers on sleeves

placket backed in vintage piping

about size 8

one of a kind,  $450-